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Supporting Local Charities

Introduction Capital is pleased to support these local charities that provide much-needed assistance to women and youth in crisis. A portion of registration revenue from the Canadian Alternative Investment Forum is donated to these groups each year. 

Hope. Help. Healing.

The Jean Tweed Centre (JTC) is a leading community-based organization that provides a safe and supportive environment for women in Ontario with substance abuse, mental health and/or gambling issues. JTC’s vision of advancing the cause of women-specific programming, along with their commitment to inclusiveness, diversity and collaboration, resonates strongly with Introduction Capital’s longstanding belief in the value of building strong, meaningful relationships.

The Centre offers a wide range of services including residential and day programming, outpatient programming, family and trauma counselling, individualized counselling, continuing care and a fully licensed therapeutic child development centre.

Visit the website t
o learn more about or to support The Jean Tweed Centre.

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Sharing Personal Stories

Introduction Capital believes in the power of sharing personal stories on positive mental health, bullying prevention and addiction & recovery. To that end, we support YouthSpeak, whose vision is that no child or youth feels alone, and those who are struggling with mental health or other challenges are connected to available support to improve their overall well-being.

Their mission is to increase the resiliency of youth facing challenges through leadership training, empowering them to share their personal stories in order to promote mental health and well-being, empathy, and hope in assemblies and workshops.

Visit the website to learn more about or to support YouthSpeak.


Inspire. Engage. Empower.

Unity is a national non-profit organization that helps underserved youth develop resilience through Hip Hop-based programming and provides development and employment opportunities to young emerging Hip Hop artists from across Canada. Unity works to achieve its vision of youth who reach their full potential and contribute to healthier communities by delivering long-term Hip Hop-based programming, workshops and performances that support the development of protective factors among underserved youth, helping them to reach healthy resilience and wellness outcomes and build meaningful relationships in their communities with mentors and peers.

Unity’s programs also support the development of creative, entrepreneurial and professional skills among Canadian Hip Hop artists, leading to a more diversified creative community and workforce in the cultural sector. Unity's unique programming, as well as their commitment to entrepreneurship and relationship building, resonates strongly with Introduction Capital’s values.

Visit the website to learn more about or to support Unity.

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