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Past Events

Since its inception in 2011, CAIF has attracted industry leaders as well as sophisticated active allocators who make it a priority to attend in order to gain knowledge and fresh perspectives to consider for their personal or client portfolios. 

Highlight videos, event guides, delegate lists and photo galleries from previous forums are available below.

CAIF 2019
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CAIF 2019

The 9th Canadian Alternative Investment Forum
April 25, 2019

Keynote Address 

The Potentiator - How to Achieve Ultimate Success by Helping Others Function at Their Best
Mike Lipkin, Environics/Lipkin

Spotlight Speaker 

The Impact of Climate Change: Investment Risks and Opportunities
Michael Azlen, Carbon Cap Limited

Introduction Capital was delighted to welcome over 200 delegates to the sold-out 9th Canadian Alternative Investment Forum on April 25, 2019. Half of the day’s attendees were sophisticated active allocators who enjoyed what CAIF is known for: its ability to gather members of the alternative investment community for an intimate opportunity to connect with their peers and gain valuable knowledge.

Gluskin Sheff’s Chief Economist & Strategist David Rosenberg kicked off the day by delivering the opening remarks. Always engaging and definitely thought-provoking, this industry expert shared his views and forecasts during a presentation entitled, “Year of the Pig (Lipstick Won’t Help!).”

The morning featured Candid Conversations on medical technology investing, a seasoned equity income manager’s best ideas, an established biotech firm’s story, and infrastructure investing in First Nations communities. Afternoon panel presentations covered niche alternative lending strategies and MIC vs non-MIC mortgage lending. The day closed with a lively panel of well-known entrepreneurs who shared stories about their vision and some of the innovative new projects that interest them.

Mike Lipkin of Environics/Lipkin delivered the keynote address entitled The Potentiator – How to Achieve Ultimate Success by Helping Others Function at Their Best. He shared secrets ranging from the power of self-awareness, future-readiness and personal promise to joy-transference, possibility-creation and safe risk-taking.

Michael Azlen, CEO of London, U.K.-based Carbon Cap Limited delivered a Spotlight Speaker presentation on climate change and carbon investment. He presented a fascinating and educational overview on the latest scientific evidence on climate change and focused on the investment risks and opportunities facing companies and investment fiduciaries. He discussed how decision-makers can take action to lower risk and generate attractive returns as we move to a decarbonized economy.

Delegates spoke highly of the day, both in terms of compelling content and purposeful networking opportunities. Alternative investments continue to thrive as an asset class in Canada and abroad, with niche opportunities in strong demand among investors. We look forward to continuing to share alternative investment information with our community at CAIF’s 10th anniversary forum in 2020.

CAIF 2019  Video Highlights
CAIF 2019 Video Sessions
CAIF 2019 Photo Gallery
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I wanted to congratulate you on a fantastic conference. Everything from speakers to attendees and all the little details was amazing. You have set the standard for alternative conferences in Toronto and what a way to kick off the return to in-person events. 


Raj Tandon

Algonquin Capital

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